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Immigration, NJ Criminal, Civil Litigation Defense Lawyer
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Immigration, NJ Criminal, Civil Litigation Defense Lawyer
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Law Offices Of David J. Khawam, Esq., LLC

David J. Khawam has years of legal experience and with various legal services focused on specific areas of law. Unlike other Law Firms of general practice, he chooses to work only in certain areas of law, thus insuring that the experience and knowledge is provided to the client which has been the core of practice. As an example, an attorney handling your criminal defense today will not be handling a divorce the next day. He works in his area of focus and, for the most part, only in that area of focus.

Top Attorney of North America President's Circle
Attorney David J. Khawam

Practice Areas

Immigration Lawyer

We help in national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country.

Civil Litigation

A civil lawsuit can arise in many different areas of law and often concerns the recovery of money or property. We can help.

Criminal Law

We focus in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity.

Business Attorney

We conduct research, write legal documents, argue a client's case before a court, or negotiate settlement terms.

Creditor Debt

We have the knowledge, credentials and skill to help consumers struggling with debt sort through their financial troubles.

Property Attorney

We are professionals who focus in, and apply their legal skills to, matters related to property, from everyday transactions to disputes.

Short Sales

We focus on homes sale where the proceeds are less than the amount the homeowner has left to pay on the mortgage.

Loan Modification & Foreclosure Defense

We help you with permanent restructuring of your mortgage where the lender changes one or more of the terms of the loan so that it's more affordable. We also help with stopping a foreclosure sale and a notice of trustee sale.

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