David J. Khawam has years of legal experience and with various legal services focused on specific areas of law. Unlike other Law Firms of general practice, he chooses to work only in certain areas of law, thus insuring that the experience and knowledge is provided to the client which has been the core of practice. As an example, an attorney handling your criminal defense today will not be handling a divorce the next day. he works in his area of focus and, for the most part, only in that area of focus.

As a full-service law practice; the difference being that he focuses in those specific areas of a client’s needs.

In today’s fast-paced society, professionalism is often sacrificed for the quick buck. David J. Khawam is an excellent attorney. It has been a long struggle to bring together such a profile whereby he feels confident in the assistance and treatment that the client will get each step of the way. In an era of mass advertisements, he believes that the normal person has grown numb to the bombardment of advertising. The modern client wants results, professional treatment, and, most of all, to be treated with dignity as a human being. Many of those who have retained our services have become both lifetime friends and clients based upon the professionalism and results that David J. Khawam rendered.

At The Law Office of David J. Khawam, Esquire, LLC, we return your calls. We copy you on all work done on your behalf. We have set costs which will be the same for the poorest and richest of clients. We have payment plans. We have empathy. This is more than just a job for us; we love what we do.